Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering this FREE? What is the CATCH?

There is no catch, we are offering this free as we believe its a great skill to learn either to open a bookkeeping business, carry out the bookkeeping for your own business or to assist you to change career. The course covers the basics and you can always undertake further study as you may need in the future.

Do I need any formal qualifications to open a business as a bookkeeper?

No, you do not need formal qualifications. You will, however, need to register with HMRC under the money laundering regulations if you are not registered with a recognised professional body and you are doing the bookkeeping as a subcontracted bookkeeper.

How much can a bookkeeper earn?

This will vary depending on the area of the country, your skills and hours worked. I would suggest a bookkeeper working at home running their own business would charge £15 -£20 per hour (as a minimum). Below is a projected earnings suggestion

How long will it take to complete the training?

The answer I always give is it takes as long as it takes, don’t rush through the training, its free and is available without time limit so take your time and keep going back over areas you are struggling with so you ensure you fully understand each section before you progress. You can also keep coming back to it for reference at a later stage if you wish.

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