Work from home business idea

you are searching for a good idea for a work from home business, that
will operate effectively around your family commitments, then I am
sure you will have scoured the internet and various social networks
and forums. You will possibly have come to a dead end or have a list
of ‘Get rich quick ideas’ that probably will not give you the income
you are being promised or indeed dream of. Bookkeeping is an ideal
business that can be run from home, around your personal commitments.

will need to have the appropriate skills to carry out your clients
work (or enrol on a bookkeeping course) but you do not need any
professional qualifications to work as a bookkeeper in the UK.

would be a great business for a work from home mother (or father) so
you don’t need to pay expensive childcare costs. You could plan your
work around school runs, school holidays and other family (or
personal) commitments.

will also be an ideal business for people returning to work following
illness or redundancy and those who are looking to reduce working
hours as they are nearing retirement.

is a relatively cheap business to start, especially if you pan to
work from home. You will need a desk with a comfortable office chair,
desktop or laptop computer, printer, internet connection and some
software. In addition you may need some extra funds for marketing
costs and enough to cover your living expenses while you build up a
client base that is sufficiently large enough to support your income.

you acquire a new client if you look after them you may find that
they will use your services for many years.

addition to bookkeeping it would be quite easy to increase your
services on offer to include carrying out the payroll functions of
your clients business.

you have low start up funds and do not want to spend a lot of money
on marketing, you may find many small businesses that are near to
where you live who would like a bookkeeper. You can often pick this
work up simply by asking friends and small business owners.

is a business that gives you good control over your work flow. If you
work well with your clients and communicate effectively with them
about upcoming commitments such as childcare you can generally plan
your work life balance to give you the ideal balance.

you have started your business as a bookkeeper, if you are working
from home the overheads will be low so you can convert more of the
turnover into a net profit giving you a potentially good business

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