Plan your business like an entrepreneur would.

People opening a new business in my view are not entrepreneurs, they become entrepreneurs when they become successful and to do this they need to develop a PLAN and execute that PLAN without this your chancing your arm and not really focused on what you are doing.

Entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs approaching a business would Plan and I use 

PEAR to help me remember the tasks needed

Plan your business, If you don’t plan you will never know what your goals are, how to get to your goals, what your strengths are both personally and business, what your weaknesses are both personally and business


How to measure your progression with the business and be able to look past the normal peak and trough of a business progression (business don’t generally ever have a gentle slope of growth there are normally peaks and troughs on the way).

Assess the success or failure of your plans as you start and progress in your business

Repeat what works and Review what doesn’t

If you don’t carry out and the follow this PLAN how can you ever hope to be successful in your business

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